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One of the most surefire ways on how to get the most of your real estate
investment is through doing the necessary repair and fixtures as soon as you
possibly can. This will protect your home from further damage which could
potentially worsen the problem. At the same time, it is also necessary in order
to maintain the condition and functionality of that particular room in the

Replacing, repairing and fixing the bathroom faucet are definitely great and
wise investments which you must venture into. Bear in mind that this room is one
of the selling points of the house which means that fixing potential problems in
it means boosting the market value of your home as well. Furthermore, since it
is one of the frequently-used and hardest-working venues in the house, most
repairs and fixture concerns happen more often than you expect.

Replacement of bathroom faucet is typically an easy task to do especially if
you decide to do the task without help from contractors. Following the
instructional guides in the kit will significantly help you and avoid damage
that would cost you a lot. It will also save you money, time and effort in the
long run and come up with neater and more satisfactory installation output.

Here are some of the basic points you need to learn when venturing into this
home project and gaining viable and satisfactory results.

Purchasing the Right Faucet

This is necessary since there are many types of bathroom faucets which vary
in terms of types, styles and size. Make sure that you find the right and
appropriate replacement for an existing item since most bathroom faucets are no
amenable to interchange. Measure the holes and get the exact measurement center
to center before buying one. Most importantly, carefully read the instructions
in the manufacturer guide to correctly install the item.

Use the Appropriate Tools

Just as there are innumerable types of faucets for your bathroom, it is also
important that you explore the varying types of tools used to replace faucets.
For instance, the proper tools to remove and replace plumbing fixtures have
myriads of types and purpose. In replacing bathroom faucets, you need two pipe
wrenches for holding and turning the pipe. Open-end or adjustable wrenches on
the other hand are ideally used for interior parts of the valves or faucets.

Replacing the Faucet

Ordinary faucets in the bathroom have soldered ends and this must be first
removed through application of heating or cutting. After removing the old
faucet, thoroughly clean the end of the pipe to avoid contamination of the water
that passes through it. Removal of the faucet stem is necessary for the
protection of the seat washer. Use an ordinary propane heat torch to the pipe
and apply the solder to reassemble and replace the faucet. Make sure that you
use a solder without lead content for safety precautions.

Bathroom faucets are absolutely necessary components of this salient area of
the house. It will help in the proper functioning of the bathroom as well as
maintenance of a smooth household system.


In the plumbing world a small leak is a serious problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not feel the same way.
They are under the impression that a small problem like this will take care of itself; this is not usually the case.
How can such a small leak turn into such a big problem? Well, here are three ways:

1. Over time a small leak will eat away at the floor, walls, and pretty much anything else it comes in contact with.

This will not happen overnight, but over the course of several months
standing water which is constantly added to will cause damage. This is
even more so the case if you cannot see the leak and clean it up from
time to time.

2. Mold is a major problem, and the main culprit is moisture.

A small leak can lead to mold and related issues in no time at all. Mold
is a health hazard for those living in the house. To go along with
this, it will also make your home nearly impossible to sell if the time
ever comes.

Nobody wants to buy a home that has been affected by mold. It is expensive to repair, and if left alone, harmful to your health.

3. A leaking pipe can lead to poor performance.

This may not be a huge problem, but when you turn the water on it will
feel like something is a bit “off.” This may be the least of your
concerns, but one that should tip you off that something is going on.

Don’t let anybody tell you that a small leak is no big deal.

Instead, hire a professional plumber to come to your home, identify the
problem, and implement the proper solution. This will cost you some
money, but will put your mind at ease sooner rather than later.


I am honored to know and occasionally work beside some of the plumbers here at Armstrong Plumbing. In our society craftsmanship is quickly becoming extinct. We live in a world of fast food, super stores, and where our economy leads people to use the lowest bidder. I remember my grandparents always had “their guy” or they would be talking and I’d hear those famous words, “I know a guy.” It was a time when they chose craftsmanship over what is cheap. I worked for an old redneck Contractor in Texas and he would say, “you get what you pay for.”

We have gentleman here at the shop that are plumbers to the core who are true craftsman. They find satisfaction in helping customers and making sure that they are taken care of. Walking into a 100 year old home, opening a wall or cabinet, and beholding a cluster of a situation that was the result of the genius minds of the 1940’s or plumbing done by people who don’t know what a pipe wrench is the best part of their work week.  These men have been refining their craft for years and continue to learn and change with the times.

Did you know that Archeologists have recovered a portion of a water plumbing system from the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The evidence of indoor plumbing in palaces has dating back to 2500 B.C.E.

Did you know at 140 degrees, it takes five seconds for water to burn skin. At 160 degrees, it takes only half of a second. Home hot water systems should be set to no hotter than 125 degrees.

Did you know that Plumbing is short for plumbum? Plumbum is latin for Lead. Pipes were once made of lead.

Did you know that rumor has it that Ozzy Osbourne was an apprentice for plumbing before becoming the Ozzy we know today?

Did you know that the covert White House Speacial Investigations Unit established during the presidency of Pres. Nixon were called “plumbers”. They were a response to the “Pentagon Papers” that were leaked during the Vietnam War. Their job was to plug intelligence leaks in the U.S. Gov. relating to the Vietnam War, hence the term “plumbers”.

Sir John Harington is credited with inventing the flushable toilet in 1596, hence the American nickname… “the John”.

Since 1963 (the year CDA was established), more than 28 billion feet or about 5.3 million miles of copper plumbing tube has been installed in U.S. buildings. That’s equivalent to a coil wrapping around the Earth more than 200 times. The current installation rate now exceeds a billion feet per year.

In a typical home, more than 9,000 gallons of water are wasted while running the faucet waiting for hot water. As much as 15% of your annual water heating costs can be wasted heating this extra 9,000 gallons.

If a drip from your faucet fills an eight ounce glass in 15 minutes, it will waste 180 gallons per month and 2,160 gallons per year.

A low flush toilet can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water per year.

In the tomb of a king of the Western Han Dynasty in China (206 BC to 24 AD), archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old “toilet” – complete with running water, a stone seat and even a comfortable armrest! The finding: marked the earliest-known water closet, which is quite like what we are using today, in the entire world.

The Earth has somewhere in the neighborhood of 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons (326 million trillion gallons) of water on the planet. Roughly 98% of our water’s in the oceans of the world, and therefore is unusable for drinking because of the salt content. That means only around 2% of the planet’s water is fresh, but 1.6% of that water is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. Another 0.36% is found in very deep, underground sources – meaning only about 0.036% of the planet’s total water supply is found in lakes and rivers (our main supplies of drinking water)!

Albert Einstein was named an honorary member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union after saying publicly that he would become a plumber if he had to do it all over again.

On average a person uses a toilet 2,350 times a year. With a toilet usage time of five minutes per session, that’s 195.8 hours a year!

Did you know that the most famous video game superstars, Mario and Luigi, were in  fact plumbers?

rewritten  by Kenny B. (These were borrowed all over the web)

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“Did you hear that someone broke into our local police station and stole the toilet?
Right now the cops have nothing to go on…..”
– from Duncan Prahl, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


How many plumbers does it take to screw in a light bulb?


One to get the beer and one to call the electrician.

What’s the difference between a doctor and a plumber?
A doctor washes his hands AFTER he has gone potty, but a plumber washes his hands BEFORE he goes potty.
– provided by David Zuckerman of A All Types Plumbing, Utah

Once upon a time houses built with Galvanized water pipes. Today, however, houses are mostly piped with copper. If you wake up in the morning and normally get a glass of water from the tap and at first it comes out looking dirty and you have to let it run for a minute or two the chances are you have galvanized pipes. Over time the galvanized pipes corrode and rust. Below are some example of some corroded pipes.

Ew! That is pretty gross if you ask me! If you have Galvanized pipes you could be drinking water that has passed through pipes like those shown in the picture. Don’t be discouraged! There is hope. Plumbers can install all new copper plumbing very quickly and with not a whole lot of mess. When plumbers install new pipe it is called a “repipe”. Feel to visit our website and talk to us about getting a repipe done at your house. After all… “Older homes are our specialty!!”

  By Kenny Burley

Badger® 5


Our Badger® 5 model provides offers a heavy duty motor and space-saving compact design.

InSinkErator Badger® food waste disposers are a reliable and functional choice when affordability is the prime concern. Choose from three models, each with a space-saving compact design.

With an InSinkErator® food waste disposer in your kitchen, chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds and more can go right in the sink — where they’re virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. You’ll enjoy a cleaner food preparation area, and less bagged garbage cluttering your home.

Food waste disposers provide an environmentally responsible alternative to transporting food waste to landfills.  And they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  At capable wastewater treatment plants, food waste can be converted to biosolids and used as fertilizer.  Capable plants can also capture methane gas and recycle it as an energy source. 

What’s more, if you’ve never owned a food waste disposer, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. InSinkErator® disposers are economical to operate: in fact, they’re among the least expensive installed kitchen appliances.

ALL our trucks stock the Badger 5!

Information Borrowed from the In-Sink-Erater Website.

Reviews: 1
Posted on 5/11/2011
Honest, honest!
Gave me a worst case quote for a fairly major plumbing issue in my new home. Polite men, arrived on time, worked diligently, cleaned up the mess, and charged only for their time. The bill was 1/2 of what was the worst case scenerio. Where can you find honesty and integrity like that today!!?? I highly recommend this company!

5 star rating

Quality 5 star rating
Service 5 star rating
Value 5 star rating

Category Model Number Style
Toilets CST454CEFG Transitional


  •    Saves 20% water over 1.6gpf toilets.
  •    Sleek high profile two-piece design
  •    Double Cyclone® Technology
  •    Powerful, quiet flush every time
  •    SanaGloss®: Super smooth, ion barrier glazing cleans your toilet bowl with every flush
  •    Wide, 2-1/8″ computer designed trapway
  •    Large water surface
  •    Universal Height; ADA height compliant with seat
High profile two-piece toilet. High efficiency (1.28Gpf/4.8Lpf) Double Cyclone flushing action.
Tank cover, fittings, polished chrome trip lever included.
*Picture and description borrowed from Toto’s website