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Armstrong Plumbing is a division of Vance Plumbing, Inc. and has been family owned and operated for the past 60 years. Tom Vance, the founder of Vance Plumbing Inc. began his plumbing career under the careful tutelage of his father in 1946 while residing in the small town of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Several of Tom’s children are now part of the Armstrong team and have benefited from their father’s vast knowledge of the plumbing trade. In this way, the business continues to adhere to the traditional values of honesty and integrity that made it what it is today.

The Vance family purchased Armstrong Plumbing of Sacramento in 1985 and has since created a loyal customer base with its quality work ethic – the backbone of the business. We currently employ certified journeyman and apprentices and hand-select each employee according to their skill level, dependability, professionalism and, most importantly, their integrity.

Tom and three of his children are all still hard at work in the family business to ensure that you receive the same personal care and attention that Armstrong Plumbing has come to be known for.

Meet the Office Team

Matthew Martinez

Matt Martinez, Office Manager has been committed to the team since 2003. Matt’s attention to detail will ensure that your service project will be handled with care from beginning to end.

Terry F. ~ Warehouse Manager

Terry Flowers

Terry Flowers, Warehouse Manager: has been committed to the team since 2002. Terry is our key parts man. Whether ordering specialty parts or stocking trucks with a wide array of inventory, his goal is to see that our technicians arrive at your door with the parts and components you want.

Marci F. ~ Owner / CEO

Marci Flowers

Marci Flowers, Owner and CEO: Marci is a daughter of Tom Vance (founder of Armstrong Plumbing).and oversees the everyday affairs of the 18 employee operation. With the current high pressured sales trend that plagues the plumbing industry today, Marci is now dedicated more than ever to providing quality plumbing service today the good old fashion way. NO high pressured sales pitches, no unnecessary service contracts, no work that YOU DON”T NEED.

Milton Vance

Milton Vance

Milton Vance, Owner/Estimator: has been with Armstrong since the beginning. Milton has been in the plumbing industry since 1975 and is a Master Plumber. He has been Journeyman certified and is well versed in all aspects of commercial and residential service plumbing. Milton has earned a reputation for “solving the unsolvable” around town and applies  an immense amount of care and attention to detail on each job performs.

Mike Vance, Owner/Project Specialist has been with Armstrong since the beginning

Mike is our Commercial Journeyman.He has worked along side our Founder since he was just a wee lad and willaccompany the team to ensure that your project is handled efficiently and expertly.


Peter C., Senior Technician / Estimator has been with Armstrong Plumbing since 2007

Peter is Journeyman Certified with 13yrs of experience. He currently holds certifications in WIRSBO & PEX piping as well as Rinnai Tankless water heaters. He has proven himself to be a
conscientious and dedicated team member.


George H., Senior Technician / Estimator has been with Armstrong Plumbing since 2008

Geroge brings over 35 years of plumbing expertise to our company. Our newest member and a Sacramento favorite of many years we are blessed to have him aboard.




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