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One of the most surefire ways on how to get the most of your real estate
investment is through doing the necessary repair and fixtures as soon as you
possibly can. This will protect your home from further damage which could
potentially worsen the problem. At the same time, it is also necessary in order
to maintain the condition and functionality of that particular room in the

Replacing, repairing and fixing the bathroom faucet are definitely great and
wise investments which you must venture into. Bear in mind that this room is one
of the selling points of the house which means that fixing potential problems in
it means boosting the market value of your home as well. Furthermore, since it
is one of the frequently-used and hardest-working venues in the house, most
repairs and fixture concerns happen more often than you expect.

Replacement of bathroom faucet is typically an easy task to do especially if
you decide to do the task without help from contractors. Following the
instructional guides in the kit will significantly help you and avoid damage
that would cost you a lot. It will also save you money, time and effort in the
long run and come up with neater and more satisfactory installation output.

Here are some of the basic points you need to learn when venturing into this
home project and gaining viable and satisfactory results.

Purchasing the Right Faucet

This is necessary since there are many types of bathroom faucets which vary
in terms of types, styles and size. Make sure that you find the right and
appropriate replacement for an existing item since most bathroom faucets are no
amenable to interchange. Measure the holes and get the exact measurement center
to center before buying one. Most importantly, carefully read the instructions
in the manufacturer guide to correctly install the item.

Use the Appropriate Tools

Just as there are innumerable types of faucets for your bathroom, it is also
important that you explore the varying types of tools used to replace faucets.
For instance, the proper tools to remove and replace plumbing fixtures have
myriads of types and purpose. In replacing bathroom faucets, you need two pipe
wrenches for holding and turning the pipe. Open-end or adjustable wrenches on
the other hand are ideally used for interior parts of the valves or faucets.

Replacing the Faucet

Ordinary faucets in the bathroom have soldered ends and this must be first
removed through application of heating or cutting. After removing the old
faucet, thoroughly clean the end of the pipe to avoid contamination of the water
that passes through it. Removal of the faucet stem is necessary for the
protection of the seat washer. Use an ordinary propane heat torch to the pipe
and apply the solder to reassemble and replace the faucet. Make sure that you
use a solder without lead content for safety precautions.

Bathroom faucets are absolutely necessary components of this salient area of
the house. It will help in the proper functioning of the bathroom as well as
maintenance of a smooth household system.


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