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Once upon a time houses built with Galvanized water pipes. Today, however, houses are mostly piped with copper. If you wake up in the morning and normally get a glass of water from the tap and at first it comes out looking dirty and you have to let it run for a minute or two the chances are you have galvanized pipes. Over time the galvanized pipes corrode and rust. Below are some example of some corroded pipes.

Ew! That is pretty gross if you ask me! If you have Galvanized pipes you could be drinking water that has passed through pipes like those shown in the picture. Don’t be discouraged! There is hope. Plumbers can install all new copper plumbing very quickly and with not a whole lot of mess. When plumbers install new pipe it is called a “repipe”. Feel to visit our website and talk to us about getting a repipe done at your house. After all… “Older homes are our specialty!!”

  By Kenny Burley


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