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Your bathroom goes through a lot of wear-and-tear.  Unlike most of the other rooms in your house, it is constantly filled with water and steam and is a high-traffic area. 

Not only do your floor tiles need care, your ceiling should be watched for mold, and your surfaces should be kept clean.  Meanwhile, your toilet, sink, and bathtub have intricate plumbing that need special care.

  1. You can keep your bathroom tile on the floor and walls clean with a solution of ammonia, baking soda, and water.  Be careful if you have marble countertops, they can be sensitive to harsh acids. 
  2. Install a new shower.  Newer shower heads can be more energy efficient and can really spruce up your shower.  Other new touches include new sink fixtures, or cabinetry, all to keep your bathroom beautiful.
  3. Some basic can use at-home care.  With a slew of tools, including drills, pipe wrench, and a wire brush, you can keep your bathroom in top-top shape.  Make sure that you always have a plunger on hand for possible toilet clogs, and a drain auger or snake for blocked drains.
  4. Install a new bathtub fit for your lifestyle – a whirlpool, or a luxury shower.  Change out your old toilets with new low-flows, or vamp up your sink.  Little progressive touches can make your bathroom look snazzy and work well.

There are many renovations you can do for your bathroom that will have it looking like it belongs in a glossy magazine.  But some things can be too much to do alone.  Instead, hire a professional plumber who can install the new bathroom, toilet, or sink that you have been dreaming of. 

Consider using Armstrong Plumbing.  You can learn more about our services, including sewer line replacement and repair and water heater installation and repair from a trusted plumbing company. Visit our website to find the plumber to make your bathroom sparkle.

Armstrong Plumbing – Serving Sacramento area. Call  – (916) 641.0886


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