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Choosing a plumber can be extremely difficult these days. The World Wide Web, Google, and other search engines can be very overwhelming when you’re searching for a good, honest, and reasonable plumber. There are many plumbers who are not formally trained, not licensed, not insured, and not experienced. Here are a few tips you can use to pick your plumber.

1. Reviews: reviews are an excellent way to learn about a potential plumbing company. Be sure to use reputable reviews sites i.e., Customer lobby, Angie’s List, Google, and neighbor referral. A good reputation is just as good as a competitive price, so don’t be fooled by the lowest bidder.

2. Non Commission Shops: plumbers who work for commission often feel pressure to sell. They will come to your house to fix a minor plumbing problem and before you know it you have a new water heater and your house has been re-piped.

3. Well Rounded: many plumbing companies say that they specialize in something, but do they really? When searching for the right plumber you should be sure that they are proficient in the area of need that you are experiencing. And if you find yourself with the time to call around, ask your potential plumber for references of previous customers that they have helped in a similar way

4. Shop around: the plumbing industry is competitive industry and there are many different companies to choose from all with their own niche. Don’t be afraid to call around when you’re searching for the right plumber, in fact I advise it. You will find that many companies are structured differently in both price and profession. Some choose to “flat-rate” each job giving you the price before they start and others employ the hourly rate approach. Some companies specialize in just drain cleaning and others just smaller repairs. Whatever your need might be, using the above mentioned tips, call around; the right plumber is out there waiting for you.

5. Manufacturers: if you have a specific brand name, call the manufacturer of your product and get their recommendation for a plumber. Often times brands like A.O. Smith and other companies subcontract plumbing shops with qualified and specially trained technicians who they recommend to work on your specific plumbing fixture. Most reputable manufactures will also work with you directly as the customer to help trouble shoot your problem over the phone. Some companies will go as far as to send you the replacement parts you need, often times for free!

If you follow these very simple tips I am certain you will be satisfied with your choice of plumber. And remember, you are the customer and not only do you need a plumber but they need you.


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